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Our Products

The Original Chill Pill

Take a Chill Pill…No, Seriously: This mild herbal relaxation product won’t change the world but your output o the world just might. When life comes at you full speed, don’t get stressed, take a chill pill.

Green Grass Stuff N’ Puff Palm Tubes

The Green Grass Stuff N Puff™ Tube is the premier, all natural, 100% tobacco-free product, for enjoying a relaxation, herbal smoke. Its slow burning leaf with bamboo cooling filter is the most innovative all-natural product on the market.

Green Grass All Natural Herbal Tea

Need we say more? This is a premium tea that has swiftly become a favorite of tea enthusiasts. Add a little honey and savor this cutting-edge tasty blend that’s choc-full of relaxation and anti-oxidant properties.

ADD Alert

Subtraction of Distraction: this all-natural herbal energy and focus supplement is one of our newest and fastest growing products that is a must for ANY location.


Relaxation at its Finest: don’t let this product fool you just because its all-natural… safe and effective for the most stressed of customers.

Kratom XXX

Kratom XXX: One and done; Not for the novice purchaser of Kratom. We urge you to compare this product against any Kratom on the market today. Accept no substitutes.

NRG Powder – All Natural Energy Powder

That girl… you know that girl. She bounces around the office with the vigor of a forest squirrel in a pile of pine cones. Singing, giggling and spinning around in her chair. And you think, “What I could do if I had that kind of energy.” A quick, smooth boost of energy sustaining you throughout the day without the sugars, chemicals or crash.